pertolongan pertama /solusi untuk site anda yg down

Hasil googleng di share juga lah lumanyan
buat koleksi males mau di translate
inti na ni pertolongan pertama /solusi untuk site anda yg down

This class can be used to restrict the access to pages based on IP address.

It can check if the IP address of the user computer and compares it to ranges of allowed and forbidden IP addresses.

If the IP address is not in the list of allowed addresses or is in the list in forbidden address, the class throws an exception.

The lists of allowed and forbidden addresses may be defined programmatically or read from a configuration file in XML format.

The class also gives you oppertunity for XXS filtering and SQL injection escaping at a global level so you can be 100% safe and you do not need to escape any data in your script.

Now you also can block all input, this is most not nessecary, but it can be used for emergency and when site is down or if you are just showing static page.


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