adobe dreamweaver cs3 extension for html5

HTML 5 bukan lah hal baru lgi, sudah banyak pergunjingan tentang teknologi yang satu ini. ada banyak kemudahan yang diberikan oleh HTML 5 untuk developer web. beberapa hal yang saya lihat sebelumnya rumit, memerlukan javascript, jquery dll, terlihat mudah dengan HTML 5. mungkin pada tulisan berikutnya akan dibahas tentang trik trik HTML 5.

untuk membantu kemudahan mengetik code HTML 5, akan terasa sangat mudah untuk pengguna Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. namun untuk dreamweaver versi sebelum nya jgan berkecil hati dulu, gunakan ekstensi ini untuk membuat dreamweaver anda support dengan HTML 5 dan CSS 3.

copy link ini utk download extensi nya -> http://adobe.ly/gtAfAQ

lalu open with adobe extension manager.

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Installed using Adobe Extension Manager CS4, and it appears to install correctly iwth no errors But within the descriptin it states the following:

“This extension provides initial support for HTML5 and CSS3 in Dreamweaver CS5. While HTML5 and CSS3 will not be finalized for some time, the extension provides support for a set of currently implemented features.”

It shows HTML5 hinting for DW CS3 and CS4, under the Extension column.

Now onto DWCS4 itself. When I create a new document the Document Type (DTD) fails to show HTML5 as a choice. This drop down only displays the default XHTML1.0 and 4.01 types alsong with variations. I chose none so I could edit this later.

When I started enerting HTML5 specific tags, DW did show them; ie:

But the biggest problem comes into play when the validator is used. There is no Validator DOCTYPE HTML5, which is a major drawback.

Overall this extension is a step in the right direction, but it lacks the support needed to implement HTML5 anything but manually. Since we mostly use DW to help automate our site designs, I see little use for extension beyond reminding me which tags are usable when manually entering them in. I can review w3schools HTML5 tag charts for this.

copy link ini utk download extensi nya -> http://adobe.ly/gtAfAQ

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